Chloë in Prague

Prague was really fun but short because it was only three days. To get to Prague we took an overnight, eight-hour train ride. On the overnight train we got a very, very small room. The room had two bunk beds. Sometimes there are robbers on the train and they steal from you when you are sleeping. To prevent that from happening you need to lock your door before you go to bed.

We arrived in Prague at 6:40am. We thought that the check-in time was at 7:00am, but it turned out to be at 2:00pm. While we were waiting for the apartment we went on a walking tour to explore Prague.

The apartment we rented was so nice. To me what make it extra nice was that it had a foosball table!!

One of the things Prague is famous for is this big clock tower. It was installed in 1410 and it is the oldest astronomical clock that is still working.

Facts about Prague

1. Prague is most famous for beer.

2. Prague is the capital of Czech Republic.

3. Prague is the 19th most popular city in the world. We heard languages from all over the world.

Czech words

Hello = Ahoj

Thank you = Děkuji

Bye = Na shledanou!

You are welcome = Prosím

No = Ne

Yes = Ano

Good = Dobry