Prague was a short three-day trip on our way to Croatia (via Budapest).  Arrived into the city centre by overnight train from Krakow at 6:30am.

Our Airbnb host was notified in advance (two days) that we’ll be arriving early, we requested an early check-in which they confirmed it shouldn’t be a problem as reception is open 24hours to allow us in …great we thought!  Later we found out, ‘open reception‘ and ‘check-in‘ are two different things apparently. We’re bracing ourselves for more of these scenarios in the days ahead. Our room wasn’t ready until 2pm. Soooo…we dropped off our bags, found a breakfast place, retraced our steps back to pick-up outgoing train tickets to Budapest, joined a morning city walking tour, and made check-in at the scheduled time.

We arrived in Prague on our 12th wedding anniversary.  Another reason to celebrate.  We’ve been having mini-celebrations each day, from waking up in a new city to walking 5-hours a day, but today entailed a bigger-celebration. Tonight we’ll be with our kids for a wedding anniversary dinner.

We explored the city further at night, Charles Bridge and found a classic Czech dinner spot in a medevial tavern. Chloe finished her appetizer and fell asleep on the table after her first course – promptly. Elliot stayed to the very end with us. After dinner, Chloe woke up and asked for a piggyback ride (up a hill) back to our apartment.  After the kids went to bed, we shared an evening drink together.  That was our day one in Prague!

On day two we shifted gears to make our schedule a lot easier. We had a single goal to visit the Strahov Monastic Brewery, a craft brewer across the river set in a beautiful medieval building overlooking Prague centre.  It took us almost the entire day to get there, which was great, no rushing, just exploring, stopping along the way for a snack or two and following-up on a few things we saw on the previous day’s city tour.  That may be the secret to traveling with kids…keeping it simple.

The ‘problem’ with Prague is each street has a gorgeous café or pub set in a century-old building with an inviting patio basked in sunshine—you want to stop, sit down, sample their menu, and have a drink – at each corner. Seriously.  And so we did, because we’re here already.

The kids highlight: selfie sticks. We didn’t think we’d ever own one, let alone two selfie sticks, but kids started making these cool little video documentaries exploring where they are and what’s around them with their digital cameras.  For that purpose, selfie sticks made sense.  Elliot doesn’t even own a smartphone and fashioned his digital camera to his selfie stick. The kids better make some great movies. Will keep you posted.

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