About Us

We’re a family of four taking a trip around the world. Interrupting our regular routines by taking a year off work, and kids out of school, to explore the world together.

The idea started eight years ago at a dinner party. Our son was just born, our daughter was two and the years were moving by quickly. We wanted to find a way to slow time.  And so we did.

We’re traveling for the simple reason that life is short and the world is big. We want to explore the world with our kids, while we’re still able, strong, healthy and have a passion to see things differently.

Starting in Iceland September 2016 and ending in Italy August 2017, with a whole lot of world in between, our travels will take us to Eastern Europe, India, Nepal, South East Asia, Pacific Region, Western Europe and back home to Toronto, Canada in just under a year.

Follow our adventures…