Elliot in Warsaw

I spend 10 days in Warsaw, Poland. Warsaw is the capital of Poland.

I visited my cousins, some I have never met before. I went on a two hour walking tour and saw a lot of graffiti. I went to Copernicus Science Centre. At the science centre I made a slingshot and there was a lot of cool things. There was a magic carpet. It worked like this: it blew air from the bottom and we can sit on it and float.

At dinner my favourite thing to eat was dumplings that had cheese and potato with a ginormous lemonade. We had a very modern apartment building.

Top things in Poland:
1. I like the ice cream
2. I like the waffles
3. I like the food
4. I like the ice tea
5. I like the dumplings with cheese and potato

While in Warsaw I saw a lot of street art and graffiti.   There is graffiti scattered all over the place. I went on a graffiti  tour.  Some call it vandalism, in Poland they call it art!