Chloë in Warsaw

Right now i’m on three hour train ride to Krakow from Warsaw. Warsaw is the capital of Poland and Krakow is a popular city in Poland. In Warsaw we rented an apartment and stayed there for ten days. Our apartment was right in between the Old and New Town, so it was easy to walk everywhere. In World War II, 90% of Warsaw was destroyed so it had to all be rebuilt.

We did many things in Warsaw and one of them was go to a science center called the Copernicus Science Center. The Science Center was named after Nicolaus Copernicus. At the science center there were really cool exhibits and awesome things to learn about! Nicolaus Copernicus discovered many things. His most famous discovery was that the earth went around the sun instead of the sun going around the earth.

When we stayed in Warsaw the weather was great . In the ten days we spent there it didn’t rain one single drop of rain.

My top facts about Poland:
1. 90% of Warsaw was destroyed during World War II
2. Złoty is the local currency in Poland. 1 złoty = 30 cents Canadian
3. Poland is famous for amber
4. Poland has the best ice cream, in my opinion (especially strawberry!)

Polish words (I tried to learn)
Hello = Cześć
Thank you = Dziękuję
Goodbye = Do widzenia
I’m sorry = Przepraszam
You’re welcome = Prosze
My name is… = Nazywam się
Good = Dobry
Please = Prosze
Yes = Tak
No = Nie