Elliot in Hong Kong

Hong Kong was a short stay for only 3 days. Then Singapore, then Australia. Hong Kong is the biggest place to celebrate Chinese New Year and so we did!

We celebrated Chinese New Year and for dinner we went to this fancy place. The main dish they sell is Peking duck. The entire place was full and there was only one place for us.

At our hotel they did a dragon dance to welcome the new year and bring good luck.

These are some things you are suppose to do on Chinese New Year. On Chinese New Year you wear tighty whities (but they’re red!), pray at a temple, don’t wash your hair on the first day, no cleaning on the first and second day so you don’t clean away the good luck and no crying. Chinese peeps believe if the Chinese New Year day is bad, the whole year is bad. Eating lucky food increased luck in the next year. 2017 is the year of the rooster.

The manager of our hotels was Julian and he was so, so nice. He gave us two red stuffie roosters and a super suite with a view to watch the fireworks over Victoria Harbour. It was pretty cool.

After Hong Kong we stopped in Singapore for 24 hours before flying to Australia. We spent some time in Singapore Zoo that’s suppose to be very famous. The lines were so long, but we got our tickets online so we didn’t have to wait. Here are some photos of what I saw at the zoo: