Elliot in Thailand

Today we went on 3 airplane rides. We started in Kathmandu, then we went on our first plane ride. It was 5 hours. We watched a lot of movies. When we switched planes it was night there. You could just see a little light from the moon.  Then we went to customs. After that we got our passports checked. My mom didn’t have her boarding pass so she had to sign papers. Next we went on our second plane ride. We had to sleep because it was midnight. When I woke up it was afternoon. Then we took a taxi to a place were we got a boat to our resort on an island. The boat ride was so bumpy because it was a windy day.

When we arrived we were so surprise the villa was so nice. We had our own pool. It was really big and even had a waterfall and outdoor bathroom and Jacuzzi. The next day I went swimming to wake me up. Then we went to a large buffet that had a lot of food. After we went to boxing classes. My feet were hurting. It was an hour of kicking, kneeing and punching. Then we took a little walk on the beach for lunch. On the way to lunch we looked at some stores that had bathing suites. When we went to lunch we had chicken as an appetizer and the main course was fish with lemon. It was perfect. Then I went swimming and got myself occupied by playing in the pool. After that we went for a little snack and shrimp spring rolls are the best. After it was night so we stayed up for a little and then went to bed.

Today we went to the town. When we were walking we saw three smoothie stands so we decided to get one. My sister and I got a strawberry smoothie and my mom and I got passion fruit. After that I went for lunch. I had fish with lemon and my appetizer was shrimp rolls. After that I had a massage. It was the exact same thing I had in India (If you didn’t read that blog, go back and read it), but a little lighter. After my massage I was waiting for my mom and dad to finish, but then the guy at reception gave me a little bowl of banana chips and tea. The tea was not so good. When my mom and dad were done, we walked out and it was pouring. The streets were filled with water, so we walked back soaking wet. Good thing I was wearing swim shorts. When we got back, I jumped in our pool. We had three mini pools and a big one, all connected and a Jacuzzi and outdoor shower…and it was all ours! When I got out of the pool, I went in the hot tub. After that, we went for dinner and I had shrimp rolls. Then we watched a movie and went to bed.

Today we went to the smoothie stand. I got a smoothie and a chicken wrap. It was so good. After that I got a Nutella crepe. The outside part was crunchy with Nutella inside. After that we walked and decided to jump into the ocean. It was so, so fun and my sister didn’t have her bathing suit, so we went back and ordered an apple juice as we waited for her the change. When she got back we went swimming again. After that my mom was looking for us. She went everywhere around the entire resort. Then she found us.

Today we woke up and went to the beach after breakfast. It was really fun. For lunch I had a passion fruit shake and chicken rolls. Forgot to tell you, the Smoothie stand was called Smile Shake. After we went to the beach and then went swimming in our pool.

Today we woke up and went for breakfast. Then we played and swam at the beach. Then we went to get a smoothies and chicken wraps. My sister got a chocolate crepe. Then we went for a massage (again L). I didn’t get a massage so I was taking pictures of random things. Then the guy gave me another plate of banana chips and tea. My mom, dad and sister got a massage for an hour, so I had to wait an hour. Then we went for lunch and I got lemon fish. Then it was raining (again L) and the streets were flooding. Water was covering all the sidewalks. Then we went back to our resort along the beach.

Today we walked up to the top of Golden Mountain and wrote our names on a piece of metal and hung it in the temple at the bottom of wind chimes and gave a prayer. It was a very nice view of Bangkok. When we were walking down, there were bells along the way that you can ring for good luck.

Ps: Forgot to tell you the King of Thailand died in 2016 and if you say any negative things about the King, you’d go to jail.