Chloë in Croatia

We spent 10 days travelling in Croatia from north to south.

One of our first stops was Rastoke. We stayed there for only two days and it was so fun. We rented an apartment on top of a hill. From the apartment you could walk down the hill and see little waterfalls that were very pretty!!!

Next we stayed in Split for two days. We rented an apartment and it was located in the center of the old town. Right outside our window there was a choir. Whenever we opened our window we could hear singing and it felt like we had our own personal concert. Outside our apartment there was also an underground shopping market. At the market I bought a really nice coral bracelet. The bracelet was made of white, pink and red coral.

After Split we stayed in Hvar town for four days. Our apartment was very nice and had a beautiful view of the Adriatic Sea. One of the things we did in Hvar was rent a motor boat to explore the Pakleni Islands. We anchored our boat by a cove we found and all jumped in the water—the water was so refreshing!!!  Most of the water in Croatia is very clear. Even if you look down 100 feet you can still see the bottom. Hvar is know for lavender, but we didn’t have enough time to get it so we bought it in Dubrovnik. We bought lavender oil and four lavender pouches…one for each of our backpacks.