Elliot in Italy

The plane ride from Tokyo to Milan was 16 hours, with a 1-hour layover in Shanghai, China. When we arrived in Milan we took a taxi to our hotel.

After Milan, we took three train rides to get to Cinque Terre. Cinque Terre is made of 5 villages and we stayed in Riomaggiore for 5 days. The other villages are called Monterosso, Vernazza, Manarola, and Corniglia.



After that, we went to Siena for 5 days. We were there for Easter Sunday and went for a two hour mass in Italian! In Italy, they have big chocolate eggs that are fancy and so for Easter I got an egg as big as my head…what?!? And I couldn’t even finish all the chocolate! That stinks, right? Then for the rest of the days….I forget.

After Siena, we went to our villa in Belforte in Tuscany. We arrived at a villa that was ginormous. Our friend’s were visiting us and their names were Mark, Scott, Jordyn, and Jeff (he’s the adult). We got settled in and then Mark, Scott and I made worlds in Minecraft. Mark was going to make a base and you need to kill pigmen, zombies, and skeletons. Then you need to get to the middle of the base and put one emerald on the beacon and then you win. We were also going to make a TNT run. So there will be three people and TNT everywhere and you need to run and try not to die. We made this ginormous house on a hill and then we were going to get an ender dragon and blow everything up. But I didn’t want that because it was so cool. Most of the time we played on our iPad’s together.

Here are some of the towns we’ve visited in Tuscany:

  • Montepulciano
  • Montalcino
  • San Gimignano
  • Volterra
  • Monteregiano
  • Rodicondoli
  • Belforte (the town where we lived)

From Tuscany, we went to Rome. In Rome, I got a condo and we thought our friends were staying in a different condo but they were like two floors up and it was awesome. There was a playground just down the street so we went there E-V-E-R-Y-D-A-Y. Close by was the Pantheon and it’s like a meteor crashed a hole in the top and that’s where all the light shone in. There was another place called St. Peter’s Basilica. It’s one of the biggest churches in the world and it’s in the smallest countries in the world called the Vatican. The Vatican has its own laws and postage stamps and mail system. It takes 40 minutes for anybody to run around the Vatican and the Pope of the church is the king of the country so he’s a Pope King with a sword and a staff.

Facts from Rome:

  • The Colloseaum had no start at first
  • The Colloseaum was flooded everywhere every year until they built the ??
  • The Trevi fountain has drinkable water
  • In the Trevi fountain, they collect 25,000 euros every year
  • The fight in the Colosseum started at 10 AM and ended at 4 PM
  • The emperor of Rome is King Caesar
  • A pope said if the walls of the Colosseum crumbled the world will crumble

Pompeii is a town outside of Naples that is covered in ash from a volcano eruption in 79AD. Archeologists uncovered most of the place. Some people got buried arrive in the ashes and they uncovered their bodies. There were these holes that measured how much food people get. So it works like this: If you want a big chicken for two dollars, two dollars equals a medium pot. So you give them two dollars and they put enough chicken to fill the two dollar pot.

Today we went to Positano and it was horrible. The road was twisty and I barfed after we got off the bus. The good thing was there was a lemonade slushy at the end. Every day we went to the beach. Positano was very little. Oh, I forgot, we climbed a hill to see the Black Madonna. It took 2 hours to get up there and it was in the blistering heat and you could go from one town to another by walking.

Castro Marina
Today we went to this place called a Frigitorria. They sell fish and calamari and so on. My favorite was the fried bread balls. They’re so good. Then we went home to go swimming. A couple of days letter we went to this place and bought a floaty mattress. Next day we walked to a supermarket. You have to walk like 400 steps because it was on a mountain.

A week later my grandma and grandpa came to visit us. They lived a couple of houses down from our place. The first day they came we went to a seafood restaurant called The Underground. The next day we ate breakfast and went out to the rocks to swim with my grandma and grandpa.

Today we rented a paddle boat. We had our grandma and grandpa with us and the paddle boat had a water slide. Two people sat in the front, so my grandma and dad were inside and my grandpa and mom were at the front. Me and my sister were sitting on the side. We went around a rock and went back and then we went swimming. At the start, this kid was holding onto my foot for some reason??

Today my mom, grandma, and grandpa went to Poland for a meeting, so my dad, Chloe and I went to a nearby town called Otranto. There was a church there with 800 people skulls and some skulls had holes in them. What you want to know is the way they died. They died because the others said to the Catholics if you don’t follow our religion we will execute you but the Catholics said NO! So you know what happened.

Tips for Italy:

  • Most gelato places have pistachio. If it’s bright green it’s not real gelato. If it’s an olive colour, then you know it’s real.
  • If you ask for a latte they’ll bring you a cup of hot milk because latte means milk in Italian.
  • Italians don’t eat meatballs with pasta. They eat pasta first and then meatballs separate.
  • They don’t wear white socks with sandals.